Tuesday, July 26th
iPad Training
I did not get much out of the iPad training today. Unfortunately, my group was the first one to experience this session and we had many problems simply getting connected to the internet. Once we were finally able to get on the internet and begin to look at apps we used Total Recall. This one could be appropriate for the classroom because I could see having the students use this in lieu of a printed graphic organizer. Unfortunately, we were not able to get trained on any other apps because of all the technical problems. This consumed much of the time. In the 5-10 minutes of looking through the various apps, I could see using this in my classroom for a variety of things. I was able to use the teleprompter app and I think this would be great to use while video taping book reports. I could also see using the iPads for a quick after read aloud activities. For example, after reading Tarra and Bella by Carol Buckley the students would be able to visit the website listed at the back of the book and find more pictures of elephants. They would also be able to quiz one another on the difference between African elephants and Indian elephants.
Xtranormal & Voki
This was a very informative "cool tool". Both web tools were presented along with examples. I found it easy to follow and they both had very clear instructions. We were able to choose one to practice on and create. I used the Voki and I was surprised about how little time it took to create one. I could definitely see using this in the classroom. I would use it at the end of a topic and have the students write about what they learned. I would also have them take on the perspective of THEM teaching my next group of third graders and having them provide the main ideas of the topic. I will definitely be using this in the classroom this year.

Wednesday, July 27th
SRR into RSS
This training involved learning how to use Google Reader. The presenter was very clear in his explainations and it was easy to follow. The main advice he gave us was to experiment with it on our own before using it in our classroom. Since I teach third grade I do not see using this in my classroom. If I did use it it would be with my third grade team. I would show them how to use it at one of third grade meetings. After using it for a while I might attempt to use it in the classroom with my higher students.

Google Tools
This cool tools session was much too fast paced. Unfortunately, since the presenter was Skyping with us and the room was so crowded we were not able to really experience the tools presented. My group decided to use Google Sites as our teacher project. This presentation gave us a basic foundation of how to use Google Sites. I can see using this is my classroom. The final product that my group created was a Google Site that outlined a country and culture study. I plan on using this site in my classroom.

Thursday, July 28th
This was a very clear and user friendly tool!! I was so thrilled about the presenter and how she was able to help us all. I really liked how the demonstration included us making our own Prezi. This made me realize how easy it is to use. I plan on using this in my classroom with my students as well as using it during Parent's night. I think that this would be something that the students would embrace and take ownership of. In the past I have used powerpoint with my students to teach one another about math concepts or about books they have read. Instead, I could use this instead!! Our school has almost one parent night a month. I think this would be a great time to use it to show the parents the information. I think it would captivate the parent's attention while all the information was being translated.

This was another very informative and user friendly tool. I was very happy that I was able to create my own Glogster. The presenter was very informative, she had all the answers to the questions that we had. I can definitely see this working in my classroom. At the beginning of the year we have to complete one on one assessments on the students, I plan on introducing this to my students and then they could create a Glog to introduce themselves to the class. I think this would be a great time to do it so they can have free reign to experience all the features and use as much time as they need.