This upcoming year I am going to be the team lead of third grade. I think that this would be a wonderful opportunity to showcase what I have learned this week. At the beginning of the year we have a meeting as a team to discuss what topics and projects we are going to be completing. What I am going to do is attach the examples that we have created during the institute to our third grade wiki. I am going to create a Glog of myself to show my kids how to create one, and to show the other teachres how easy it is. I am also going to have a Prezi ready to show my fellow teachers what we are going to show parents on open house night. I can also train my teachers about how to use Google Reader. Many of us want to stay up to date with various teaching methods. Finally, I would teach my third grade team about how to use Voki. I am very grateful that many of the teachers are eager for new technologies.

I am also on the communication committee. We organize parent nights and curriculum nights. This would be another wonderful opportunity to show them how to use Prezi. We have a high population of ESL students and when we invite parents into our school we always have a translator. With this, I could also use Animoto that we could use to show parents what we are doing in the school. I am eager for this upcoming year!