Ali Dixon
August 2, 2011
Teacher Leadership Plan

As a future teacher I have a strong vision for myself as an educator of new literacies. This conference has given me the foundation, time, encouragement, and drive to use new literacies. In my specialty of middle grades social studies, there are endless avenues to gain a greater understanding of the content through the tools of Prezi, Voki, Xtranormal and many others. A specific plan for developing and implementing new literacies in the nation, state, region, county, school, department, classroom where I will teach is included below. It is imperative to act locally and think globally as a teacher leader using technology as a learning device.

Initially, this is the information presentation I plan to share with fellow teachers in a NC State class or at the school where I will teach. The first tool I will present about is Prezi. There is great potential for Prezi to be used in a variety of spaces. The demonstration will focus on the usability for Prezi in a middle grades social studies classroom. I will give the data in Prezi format and contrast it to a tool such as PowerPoint to show off the features of new literacies.
Additionally, specific examples of Prezi will be for a syllabus, lecture notes and projects. The Prezi will feature text, videos and photographs. The object of the lesson will to educate teachers about Prezi. The materials will include a laptop, presentation screen and meeting room. The information session will last approximately 40 minutes with additional time at the end for questions. All of those in attendance will have the opportunity to walk through the step-by-step process of creating a Prezi for one of the three uses listed above. Extra help will be offered by email, phone and personal appointment for follow up assistance.

In conclusion, it is a thrilling opportunity to share the skills and theology of Prezi. In the presentation PBI and TPACK will be mentioned to fellow teachers. I will acknowledge possible concerns of technology usability, student cooperation and time constraints. Also, I will consult at least one of my accountability partners from the institute to join me for the presentation as extra support for teachers. Now it’s time to go to and get started!