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Person Assigned
Food for Institute- connect with Cyndia
Morning snack/drinks, lunch, afternoon snack
Send Beth - hot meal choice - final headcount

Banquet- BUKU (Room for 56 people) Final Headcount - send.

Reception at CAM (Space and caterer confirmed. Tricia Willoughby will bring greetings from NCBCE & State
Board of Education. Jayne - greeting from college
Leadership activity and partner pairings
Bring Poster/ Easel and markers - People sign up under Group Label - Make Signup/ and cool tools
MISO survey

Email Business office expenses so they can be approved:
--Invoice Dell for $1000
--Invoice Jason for 14 teachers
--Pay PBI Facilitators Charley, Jonathan, Meg, and Mary Ashley
--Pay Keynotes and reimburse lodging, gas
--Submit participant payments
--Reimburse Hiller after the Institute - itemized receipt, participant list, agenda,
money goes toward food, flyer
--Submit all food expenses.

Setup Lodging for Steven - where we have an account at (Chelsea/Marg), check on how to:
Email Carl so he can update Steven

Technology - check with Bob, Skype and Interactive, which rooms
Go over on Friday with Bob all details and have agenda with rooms print out

Poster- sign made at Kinkos - Have Cyndia pick up with P-Card. Bring to CAM setup, FI during the week,
and to BuKu. - Look at it before we ask Cyndia to pick-up

Flip Cameras - Total 11 (make sure they work and have
extra batteries on hand)

Setup - Walk through with Gayle -

Table tents

Cheat Sheet; role cards for Digging Deeper Session


Name Tags - Bring to CAM to hand out

Cool Tools pages
Communicate with Ian, Greg and Jill about their Cool Tool sessions.

ECI 509
Due dates need to be changed.

Train 7 PBI Facilitators: Charlie Norkus, Jonathan List, Sinky Zheng, Manning Pruden, Mary Ashley Burch,
Lisa Hervey (PBI Facilitator Coordinator)
--Need one facilitator for each of 7 tables (for 6 participants- 3 dyads) during Design Studio
--Review all tools that are referenced in the Institute and be able to help participants with using these tools.
--Understand the PBI process and be able to support participants progress through the process.
--Design Studio Protocol for PBI Facilitators
1. At the beginning of the session, conduct status check with participants.Have dyad partners articulate their goals for
the day within their group. (On Tuesday, make sure they find their wiki participant project pages and use this for their
design space.
2. During the session, go around and offer individual help for dyad partners based on their goals. Remember to ask
them to show you their wiki page where they are designing their PBI. Reinforce the PBI process, higher level questioning/activities
and high engagement activities using new literacies and technology, and formative and summative assessment tied to state and national standards.
3. 10-12 minutes before Design Studio ends, have participants articulate what they accomplished during Design Studio and
what their goals are for the next day. This will also give you a heads up on what you need to be prepared for to assist
for the next session. Communicate with other PBI facilitators if you need help. Finally, as a group review the Daily Benchmarks
for that day to assess if projects are on course.

Send Letter - 7/13
We need to have everyone make their payments
Communicate directly with participants who need to pay
and confirm participation

Add pictures to Wiki

CEU Credit

Proof Institute wiki for typos, accurate content, make sure all links work, etc.
Wrap up video for the Institute

Paperwork - reimbursement paper- Chelsea - approval

Door Prize

Participant Survey - TPACK - Tuesday
Participant Evaluation Survey- Friday- Erin Created, proof, add
MISO Survey - Monday/ Friday (Pre-Post)

Other questions:
Do we have enough for elementary teachers?
What can we suggest for Chinese and NC teachers to collaborate on with their classes?
Any new ideas for the Institute? to energize and excite the participants?

Ask for Additional Room on Tue

Add survey links: post and institute assessment

Add info to participant project pages

Change survey link on Monday/ Participant letter

Put guiding questions on wiki - on each participant page

Bowls of Candy/ Photo holder

Add PBI photo and bio when they send it

dd facilitator to Greg, Ian and Jill cool tool page
John will email Cool Tool people: to add learning obj. to top of each page

Daily Sign-up pages

Set up registration table with daily sign up sheets and name tags.