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Topic:Explore the linear relationship between a set of data points and a curve used to fit the data points. As students work with bivariate data, they will be able to investigate relationships between the variables using linear correlation. Using interactive tools like the one below, students can investigate the properties of regression lines and correlation.
Learning Objectives

To learn correlation coefficient: the measure of the linear association between the horizontal variable and the vertical variable
Graphic calculator, computer, internet connection; ipad; traditional library; smart board
Instructional Plan

1. In the nature and social life, there are a lot of data and information comes from two ways.
2. This subject matters in the process of analysing the relationship between bivariate data.
3..In statistics, we have the matured tools and methods to analyse this kind of data.
The process that teachers
Should recall the process that he used to grasp the gist of idea about this topic then make them think about how to apply this method to related problems.
The resources we have used:
Textbooks; our teachers; library; computers labs in the school; the real data collected from media at that time.
We want the students to understand that we can see the correlated bivariate data as they have a kind of linear relationship and give the equation of the regression line by the statistic analysis. In the essence, we want the students firstly know how to collect the data by themselves through different ways in the real life and secondly we would like to the students could use the traditional and the latest statistical software to analyse the bivariate data.
The materials we want the student to learn about the subject:
Internet; ipad; statistic softwares; the latest data from the real life; textbooks; our teachers; library;
The approaches:
1. Firstly, we will introduce the basic ideas about the topic


2. Secondly, before we moving into the topic, we want the students to collect data(two to there) from the internet which is concerned with the topics that we are going to discuss.

3. Thirdly, in the classroom, we will divide the students into different groups and make them to communicate with each other about how them think about the methods which is used to analyse these kind of bivariate data.
4. Fourthly, the teacher will use the statistical software downloaded from the internet to analyse an example of bivariate data and the process should be demonstrated to the students from right the beginning of collecting data to the last step of making conclusion.
5. The students should accomplish the problems by groups through discussions and each group should send one of them to demonstrate their work in front of the whole class. In the process of demonstration, the teacher should test their understanding about the method and the theoretical principle. As long as the teacher find some misunderstanding points, he should pointed it out and then organize discussions about it.
6. The students should accomplish the homeworks the teacher assignd to them. The homework should includes not only questions and problems about the topic but also some real activities which demands the use of internet and some other modern technologies such like ipad and so on.
Syllabus requirements:
1. Display and discuss bivariate data where at least one variable is categorical.
2. Recognize how linear transformations of univariate data affect shape, center, and spread.
3. For bivariate measurement data, be able to display a scatterplot, describe its shape, and determine regression coefficients, regression equations, and correlation coefficients using technological tools.
group presentation or vedio clips made by themselves from the on-line tools such as: __Animoto__ and __Voicethread__ or the off-line tool such as : windows movie maker.
we will use standard assessment grid to rate students works.